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July through September

At present, over 200 Monarchs, 20 Spicebush Swallowtails, about 20 White Cabbage, and 10 Painted Lady butterflies were raised and released. Numerous Tiger Swallowtails, Red-Spotted Purples, Silver-spotted Skippers, Hummingbird Moths, and Pearl Crescents visit the flowers during July, August, and September.

In 2020, the Monarchs arrived late to the gardens, July 10, compared to May-June in 2019. Even though we were releasing adults at the rate of 20 per week compared to 15 per week previously, the total was less than the 350 release of 2019. We look forward to upcoming years, and may prepare some displays on the variety of bees visiting the flowers. Carpenter, sweat, green, honey, and bumble bees were common. All are pollinators.

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