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Many people have asked about the millstones that are placed all around the grounds at the Gardens. Charlie was an avid collector of both anchors and millstones. There are approximately 70 millstones ranging in size from 6” to 8’ in diameter around the property.

The millstones were used to grind everything from wood pulp to corn or even mustard. Charlie purchased some and others were given to him if he would haul them away. Eighteen of them were purchased in August, 1964 for $200.00. His collecting trips took him and his three ton pick-up truck to Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and other eastern states. On one excursion, a millstone weighing between 2-3,000 pounds fell off the back of his truck on a Falmouth street. The town fathers were not happy!

Several of the millstones are embedded in the patios around the house. Other larger millstones are scattered around the gardens, recycled as fountains and steps, and incorporated with benches. Charlie made detailed engineering drawings outlining the placement of each stone around the house and property.